Larry Jarrett will have 52 years as a licensed hunting outfitter and guide in Idaho and 35 years as a fishing guide in Alaska.

Wild Alaska Halibut FishingHe has been asked many times to do a book on his extensive career as a guide. 

Not just a guide but a caring person as to the well being of the Hunting and Fishing resource.

The History of Larry Jarrett Idaho Outfitter and Alaska Guide

Larry grew up in a small South Idaho farm area, where he farmed for 35 years.  A busy man for sure, he was guiding elk hunters and mountain lion hunters,  farming and in 1986 added Alaska fish guiding to his career.  In 1998, Larry decided to go full time as a hunting and fishing guide.

Larry has always had a deep affection for the Native People and through the relationships he fostered, leased and then later purchased land from a neat family in Aniak, Alaska and achieved his DREAM of operating in in the beautiful state of Alaska.

In 1986, Larry built the Alaska Dream Lodge, located 23 miles up the Aniak River from the village of Aniak.  The first year he transported from Idaho to Alaska – 56 tons of building materials and made the Dream Lodge a reality.   Later he built a 2 story building in Aniak where he had an apartment and boat storage.   In the early 90’s Larry built the Town House Cafe in Aniak and what a success it was!

Then in 1998 an offer to buy the Alaska Dream Lodge was accepted and Larry purchased what became known as the Lazy J Ranch in Kooskia Idaho, a 1200 acre spread where he hosts Whitetail Deer hunters and continues that enterprise to this day along with the Alaska operation.

In 1998 Larry purchased a very run down Bear Camp that he tore down and rebuilt into a Sport Fishing Lodge.   Larry worked under several Alaska Hunting guides where he guided Kodiak Brown Bear,  Caribou, interior Grizzly,  Black Bear etc.

Larry sold that Sport Fishing Lodge in 2008 and operated out of Petersburg, Alaska for 2 years before buying another building in Pelican, Alaska,  where he rebuilt an old landmark place which he sold in 2016.

Larry Jarrett has been guiding in Alaska for decades,  for Kodiak Brown Bear, Alaska interior Grizzly, Caribou, Black Bear and Moose,  and also in Idaho,  for all species including Mountain Lion.  Larry has many great stories about his Life Adventures in years gone by.  These photos tell a few of the stories through visual memories.


In 2017 Larry refurbished the “Wild Alaska  Lodge” in Phonograph Cove which is in upper Lisianski Inlet, approximately 5 Miles above Pelican, Alaska.    This outstanding Location offers the best in privacy and gorgeous views plus plenty of awesome wildlife views and photography subjects.

Larry wishes to thank the over 2200 guests he has guided over the years!

A little more about Captain Larry Jarrett

Captain Larry Jarrett has only one goal:  ensuring his guests success during their Wild Alaska experience… and at times achieving that goal requires long hard hours to earn those smiling moments.

Honesty, integrity, experience, and a life long love for the wilds of Alaska, have taken Larry Jarrett far in life and in his career as a world renown outfitter and guide.   He has earned 51 years as a licensed, bonded, insured outfitter and guide.  Larry started his outdoor career in Idaho, in 1971, and since, has guided over 2000 guests, and still counting.  Larry built his first sport fish lodge in Alaska in 1986 and now has 34 years guiding fishing adventures in Alaska.  Larry Jarrett strives to educate his guests and bring about responsible fishing practices so that certain species like ALASKA HALIBUT don’t get overfished.  Read Larry’s Special Report on what you should know about Alaska Halibut Fishing


Captain Larry Jarrett has had many outdoor articles written about trips guided by him over his many years as a top guide.

One article was written by Larry Hatter – a excellent outdoor writer, taxidermist, fishing and hunting consultant.  Larry Hatter’s most recent article published in ‘Horns and Hooks Magazine‘, shares tales of his fishing adventure with Larry at the Pelican Inn in 2012.   “Larry Hatter was a fantastic man to fish with, as was his entire group”, Larry Jarrett stated.

Larry Jarrett Guided 3 hunts with “JY Jones” author of One Man – One Land – One Rifle (a must read book).

Larry Jarrett also had the Honor of guiding the most successful Archer in the world on 2 hunts.   “Chuck Adams” has written numerous articles about his hunts with Larry Jarrett.


In 2013 Captain Larry had the pleasure of hosting the NatGeo Group during their filming of “Ultimate Survival Alaska”, which is now airing.

Captain Larry Jarrett’s love for Alaska has taken him to many locations in this extraordinary State.  Larry has built and operated his lodges in 4 different locations in Alaska and has built and operated two eating and public lodging facilities.

Larry is licensed for 6 guests on his 31 foot, twin engine charter boat, however he prefers 3 to 4 guests per boat. He’ll accommodate any size group, and works with several seasoned Captains, so that larger groups can enjoy the same personal touch and hassle free arrangements.  Larry is a licensed vendor for Alaska Fish and Game and sells both licenses and salmon tags etc.

We take great pride in what we do and welcome you to come and fish with us.  We can catch all 5 species of Alaska Salmon, along with good Halibut and bottom fish.  Larry has become an expert in trolling for Kings’ and you will not be disappointed.

Larry enjoys his occupation and strives to provide his valued guests not only a memorable adventure of a lifetime,  but great fishing and a comfortable stay

Lady Vicky Wassberg winner of the 2015 Pelican King Salmon Derby

Lady Vicky Wassberg winner of the 2015 Pelican King Salmon Derby

About Lady Vicky Wassberg

In 2015 Vicky won first place in the King Derby. Out of 20 winners in 2015, we took 4 awards, and in 2016 out of 16 winners, we took 3 awards. So if the Kings are there, we catch them! Among the many activities and responsibilities that Vicky takes on as her lodge duties, including preparing menus and delicious food for all lodge guests,  she is a hard core, dedicated lady with  over 23 years in support of Larry’s Wild Alaska Lodge operations.

We had the pleasure of hosting Ultimate Survival crew in 2014 for the filming of their show.  That was a lot of fun!

In both years 2015 and 2016, the Alaska Bush People family and film crew were our guests.

What a great bunch they are! Each of the family members were delightful and kind, and were so much fun to be with.

Our sincere thanks to them and the Discovery Crew
We want to give them a special welcome back again soon!

A Straight Shooter

Larry Jarrett may not always tell you what you want to hear, but the facts he shares are always the best, and honed from many years of hands-on experience as a licensed outfitter.

Larry’s Motto

“Promise less and exceed expectations. It’s just a lot better that way.”

Remember, Larry is a hard core guide and cares about you and your catches.

Thanks to all who have joined us both at the Idaho Ranch and in Alaska.  Call anytime and ask lots of questions as to best times, seasons, etc.

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