New Info On Guns


Over my many years of Guiding and Outfitting I have added much information to this website. One such item has been the choice of rifle calibers I recommend for use at the Lazy J Ranch.. Only .270 caliber and larger is the optimal choice. If you wish to use a lesser caliber then you and I will need to DISCUSS THIS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED HUNT.

The deer on the Ranch are not flatland deer and are born in rough terrain. From that time on they climb and walk over all kinds of suraces, much of it on steep terrain. As such their muscle development makes them one tough animl. Therefore, a hunter needs a caliber that has some serious knock down power. I insist on NO NECK SHOTS, so hit the shoulder, or close behind it, and put your buck down hard. If you are not comfortable with the shot that a buck presents then PLEASE PASS ON THE SHOT. Whitetail are local and will most likely be in the same area and another chance will present itself.

Regarding crippled animals, I am a big hearted person and crippling is a serious concern to me. More and more of my hunting guest are saying that if they cripple an animal, and it escapes our best attempts to recover it, then that is their deer and their TAG IS FILLED. That is the ethical way to look at it.

Upon arrival, all guests will now be required to fire their selected rifle at the Ranch trget site. What I want is simple: at 100 yards I want your shot grouping to be 2 INCHES HIGH AND DIRECTLY OVER THE BULLSEYE. A big help will be for you to practice with YOUR rifle that your are used to and will be using on the Ranch, and NOT a strange or new, unfired rifle. YOUR personal rifle is always the best and remember, just Bore Sighting your rifle isn’t enough.

Additionally, any accidental violation such as shooting the wrong species, etc must immediately be reported to the local Idaho Fish and Game Department. Over the years, with this action taken, I have found them to be very fair and understanding.

These requirements are not meant to be offensive to any of our guests. They are merely a common sense set of standards that make a hunt on the Ranch a memorable and most enjoyable expeience. Thank you,