Things Can Change When it Comes To Travel Plans

Whether you’ve planned your vacation and then have to cancel due to medical emergencies, family or personal illness,  work obligations or just plain change of mind, we wanted to share our cancellation policy to help you understand the challenges we face when a customer has to cancel – and the policies that help to clarify what you should know. 

My  cancellation policy for Larry Jarretts’ Wild Alaska,  as well as at our Idaho Hunting Lodge in Kooskia Idaho is simple as follows:

Down payments are non-refundable as are the final payments which are due on all trips, 30 days prior to arrival.


Should you find you have to cancel, I give you the chance to replace your spot with another person if possible.   If the cancellation is within weeks or 30 days prior to arrival then finding replacements are near impossible due to our remote destination.

Again, TRIP INSURANCE could save the day.

It is important to understand a Guides’ situation with all the preparation that goes into an outdoor experience including purchases of food, gas, major equipment expense, insurance and yes, hired help.  We are a small operation with your satisfaction and group experience as our primary focus and top priority.   All of this is in place for you, the client, leading up to your arrival date.  If you cancel, these expenses are still present.

Again, TRIP INSURANCE IS THE BEST OPTION to cover any unforeseen scenarios that might impact your  outdoor adventure vacation and require a cancellation.

Thank you.  Call or email if you have any questions concerning the above cancellation policy.  I’m happy to consult with you so that we can get all your questions answered.


Larry Jarrett