Jarrett Mountain Whitetails at LazyJ Ranch

Whitetail Deer heads at Idaho Ranch
Come hunt this fantastic private ranch located in the
whitetail infested Clearwater River area of Idaho.

Our elevation is from 1500 to 3000 ft.

Outfitting big game hunters since 1971 has given Larry Jarrett 53 years of vast experience and skills in this highly successful operation.  

A few new updates on hunting our private ranch:  

2021 had less Deer (as an exception due to the “blue fly kill” – See special report on 2021),  but 2022 showed some recovery in numbers — Only one hunter in 2022 left without a Buck – but he did see a couple small ones and passed those shots.  All other hunters took Bucks. 

2023 Whitetail Deer Hunts

2023 kill  — all guests shot a buck
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2023 looks like a near normal season, lots of small bucks on the Ranch in 2022.
New for 2023 Whitetail Deer Hunts 
  • No spike bucks or Does will be permitted.
  • My strong suggestion is look for bucks with at least 4 points on one side counting the Brow Tine. 
Extra Note for 2023 Deer Season
If you MUST kill a Buck to make your deer hunting experience a success, then please look elsewhere.
I only take a small number of Hunters,  giving them the best chance for a Buck.   My hunts 
are for the real sportsman and not the “have to kill” type hunters. 
The Lazy J Ranch and hunts I offer are not for trophy bucks, but offers a hunting adventure where mature bucks do roam, and the thrill of the hunt is enjoyed in combination with the peacefulness of the great outdoors, the sheer beauty of nature, as well as our hospitality, awesome meals and camaraderie shared as we all comment on the highlights of the day.   Lazy J Ranch offers an “experience”,  above all else.   
Hunting as a sport,  is seeing more and more stringent rules, weather changes, and disease, which are conditions out of the “Outfitters” control.  Herd numbers fluctuate etc etc, but I always try my very best to give you as much info as I have available, concerning my observations and the conditions on seasonal deer hunts that you are interested in reserving. 


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Idaho Lodge and Whitetail Deer

Jay Coombs
Monster Whitetail Bucks at this exclusive Idaho Hunting Ranch
Jerry Stewart
Idaho Bucks
Lazy J Ranch is not a high fence Ranch nor do we offer Trophy Hunts for record Bucks.   We’re conducting a fantastic hunting lodge where hunters can come to enjoy a quality experience.   We handle a limited number of hunters and outfitter Larry Jarrett is present on all hunts.   The Ranch only takes a dozen or so hunters per season.  So we recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure that we can accommodate your best dates.
Larry Jarrett carefully manages this mountain ranch only for wildlife, and opens the ranch to a very limited number of hunters.   Hunts are for 7 days.  You will enjoy the entire ranch exclusively for your group, for a truly un-crowded experience.  


Over my many years of Guiding and Outfitting I have added much information to this website. One such item has been the choice of rifle calibers I recommend for use at the Lazy J Ranch.. Only .270 caliber and larger is the optimal choice. If you wish to use a lesser caliber then you and
I will need to DISCUSS THIS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED HUNT.  The deer on the Ranch are not flatland deer and are born in rough terrain. From that time on they climb and walk over all kinds of surfaces, much of it on steep terrain. As such their muscle development makes them one tough animal. Therefore, a hunter needs a caliber that has some serious knock down power. I insist on NO NECK SHOTS, so hit the shoulder, or close behind it, and put your buck down hard. If you are not comfortable with the shot that a buck presents then PLEASE PASS ON THE SHOT. Whitetail are local and will most likely be in the same area and another chance will present itself.
Regarding crippled animals, I am a big hearted person and crippling is a serious concern to me.   
 As reflected in our photo gallery for our hunting ranch, we do harvest nice deer.  Deer at Lazy J Ranch are free roaming and come and go as they want in a very natural environment.  Ongoing work with habitat and upgrades are really paying off in the quality of the game on this rare gem of a place located above the South Fork Clearwater River near Kooskia.

Where can you go for $3,495 and hunt a private Ranch that for 23 years running boasts 100 percent.  

What Does 100% Mean? 

Well,  all Hunters who have visited my Ranch have either taken a Buck or had multiple chances and passed for simply looking for a monster,  or missed several bucks due to many different reasons.   The number of hunters leaving our private hunting ranch WITHOUT a Buck you can count on one hand over the past 23 years.  

—Please Note:   Things happen when we have such a high percentage of harvest:   weather ( rain, snow, wind and fog, AND YES just bad luck) can play a big part in the Game movements.    100 percent is tough to maintain,  but we give it our BEST SHOT. 

What more can I say?   We take only a minimum number of hunters in a season,  so why pay a lot more for a hunt that offers less success?  

Give me,  Larry Jarrett, a try if you haven’t had satisfaction in your Whitetail Buck hunts.   Our private hunting grounds and our guest hospitality (including wonderful meals)  is second to none.  

We’re the REAL DEAL!  

I suggest that guests harvest 4 Point or better Bucks,  but should you decide to take any Buck then that is OK with me,  as this is your hunt.  All hunters have multiple chances at bucks with some waiting for the right buck.  As for comfort and meals at Lazy J Ranch,  they are top notch.  I care about not only your chance at a nice Deer but that you have the best in lodging, home prepared meals and equipment.

Because we use stands, and do not walk around, the wildlife moves freely about the area, and are not bothered by hunters moving around. You can stay in the stand all day or take a mid-day break and return for the evening hunt.

We have excellent equipment and over 53 years experience to give you the Hunt of a Lifetime!  
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Cullen with his 2019 Buck

Whitetail Deer Hunt

  • Idaho Hunting Lodge * $3,495.00 per Hunter

  • Includes seven full days of hunting for nice bucks.
    Note:  Please no single shot rifles and a minimum Cal of 270 or larger.


  • If you want to harvest a Doe as a second Deer, there is a $750 additional charge for that deer.
  • Does not include personal hunting gear, license, and tags.

Whitetail Deer & Mulie Combination Hunt

Larry offers a White Tail — Mule Deer Combo Hunt.  Details below. 

How this works:      You book the White Tail Hunt and put $1000 down to hold that hunt.     Next,  you apply for the Mule Deer Special Tag.  If drawn,  the cost for both Deer  is $10,000.    You will deposit an additional $1500 to hold that portion of the hunt.    If not drawn,  then you still hunt the whitetail.   

When:  The Date for this combo Whitetail and Mule Deer Hunt is October.  Please call for more details and to reserve your hunt.

Recent Review submitted for Larry Jarrett’s Lazy J Ranch White Tail Hunt. 

Cancellation Policy

Call Main Cell: 208-507-0405 or Alternate Cell: 208-507-8266

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