Idaho Whitetail ranch review from guest Bruce Tangel

This past October I had the distinct pleasure of hunting with Larry Jarrett at his Idaho ranch.

Larry Jarrett runs his hunts for a full 8 days and I can honestly say that I have never seen so much and varied wild game in my life.  

His 1400 acres is alive with deer, elk, black bear, turkey, ring-neck pheasants, and California Quail.   His lodge is full of north American trophies, is magnificently furnished and sits atop one of the Bitterroot ridges (foothills of the Rocky Mountain Range)  with a breathtaking view.

Larry’s other half,  Vicky,  is the perfect outdoors woman, preparing excellent meals and providing wonderful company. Oh yes…..she is responsible for MANY of the magnificent trophies hanging on the wall!  

I have been on 15 to 20 guided hunts in my 68 years ranging from Hawaii to Newfoundland and can say I saw MORE GAME on Larry’s whitetail hunt than I have on any other,  and the facilities are the best.

I recommend this hunt, without reservation. Quite simply, it is the finest guided hunt I have ever been on.

  • Bruce Tangel
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