Wonderful Hosts / Abundant Game / Family Feel

I want to thank both Larry and Vicky for a great hunt at the Lazy J.

They host a fantastic refreshing hunting atmosphere. The lodge is outstanding, spacious, comfortable and clean.

And always warm.

Vicky does a great job of keeping the stove stoked, with a warm pot of coffee waiting for you on it. You will see plenty of game  during your hunt.

Larry has done a great jobĀ  with blind placement and deer stands as well as lots of fruit trees. You’ll find no cattle grazing, allowing for more natural plant and brush habitat for security, and not only provides for a healthy deer population but invites lots of other critters to thrive on the Ranch. It’s nothing to see 10 to 25 deer a day, with multi-pool bucks.

This is not a trophy hunt as Larry will point  out to you. But, if you spend enough time, you will harvest a representative buck to the ranch. And, you may even see trophy class bucks, that do roam on the ranch. 

The scenery on the ranch is breath taking. Eagles, hawks, ducks, geese, and mule deer just to mention a few. And, amazing sunrises and sunsets. 

Vicky does an outstanding job making sure you have plenty to eat during your stay. If you leave the table hungry,  it is your own fault! 

Larry and Vicky went out of their way to make my father, son and myself feel welcome and like family, during our stay on the ranch. 

I look forward to hunting with Larry and Vicky at the Lazy J in the future. 

Ivan Kyles, Jr.